A to GLOBAL is a circular process in pHi

We Implement the pHi World A Section of the White Paper to connect to blockchain exchanges world wide. Blockchain developers and exchanges can participate in this Initial Exchange Offering.

A2GLOBAL sets the production of 365 pHi Stoves per day in place. We will be able to multiply that process through community. L32C are the Community Centers that can use this process million times and build participation to enable us to take one Tera Ton of CO2e out of the atmosphere . We produce these stoves financed by Carbon Credits and and your deposit. From the 5th May 2021 to the 14th July 2021 we are inviting your interest and your participation. A2Global is an International Corporation that is the Supplier of Smart Fiber Engineering SFE Innovations to BMW and Load Line Engineering LLE to Nordic Energy. It initiated many A2 Incorporation’s and coordinated diverse international teams in large projects. A2GLOBAL is a Circular Process that is driven by the pHi user that realizes we need a change.

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