Declaration and Code of Conduct

Declaration Code of Conduct

  1. Light is now.
  2. I am origin and source.
  3. I am only in the light of truth.
  4. From the whole One, I am existent.
  5. To all whole Good, I exchange.
  6. I am Love.

All illusions, manipulations and contracts which are not to the good of all from the perspective of the whole are not accepted and are considered null and void. I will abide by these ancient codes of conduct of, I see you you see me, Buntfu, and believe in the values of the past with knowledge growth for our future.

Our exchange principle and Process 3Q

The tree of life from ancient roots growing into the ultimate possible

Three rings: Containing the spheres red, blue, and light on top. Through the overlap we are.

Will red (customer), insight blue (supplier) and understanding light (the ultimate possible) Only through the middle of these three, there is a path harmonized with everything. 100 % quality

Quality is only where will, insight and understanding overlap.

How do we treat each other? How do we assure global awareness?

I see you you see me. We see because of light.

In any contact there is one that wants and another that delivers.

This always changes frequently as one becomes the supplier the other becomes the customer

The contact between us, is marked by genuine meaningful exchange.

Rules of conduct:

1. Open and honest perception and projection of self. I see you, you see me. No prejudice

2. I am because you are. We celebrate our differences. Exchange for the good of the community. We do not influence by untruths. We are through reverberation from others in harmony with our project. Intuition and soul for the good of us all. These are the distinguishing marks in the focal vanishing points of our needs.

3. We recognize who supplies us something and who gets something. This changes spontaneously in the now. Sometime I deliver, sometimes you, we see us in this interplay and act free and fair in contact. The each projected awareness in contact grows. The fruits of growth are shared.

4. We reflect us in harmony, find the simplicity of engagement, draw from the center, focusing our projection from a common ground.

5. The one who wants something, places his desire into the common origin of the interested projection. He is on top and is carried and must show respect.

6. The one who delivers shares his knowledge honestly and carries the responsibility. He is rewarded. He can leave his customer when no consideration is received.

7. The cooperation is based on consensus, it cannot be enforced. If the contact is not in balance you separate yourself before dissent arises.