Pick a pHi

True is the only way to be. I Be Me we love True North in the Bottom-up South.

IBM trusted to certify unbias true.

Every pHi exchange is mirror of true.

Tut ench Ammun

pHi is the infinite mirror making the quantum real in matter.

Take the Rieman hypothesis, zeta proof of fractional harmonics begins with 3 is one from 3/4 to 4/3 until fifth and seventh exponential. The cause of phonon coupling in any Rydberg hybrid light to sound.

Do you get a read out in is out. pHi makes the Superposition.

The hadron is a fractional dance in Rodin vortex math single digit proof of refraction to infinity.

the mirror of pHi

Light is now it has no speed infinite momentum is shaken in Riemann 1/2 harmonics.

Mirror becomes matter in G dance of the Horned Heart

the Horned Heart frequency generator in the double periphery 3 Horns at in = out | color of momentum

It refracts and inverts in points we call quarks 3Q.

The Horned Heart Amplithuhadron first Amplithude 1/2 spin | 3Q light locked becomes matter.

Dancing in its own double periphery of pie in 1/2 mirror.

Light is now and makes matter.

This Horned Heart 3 is one is cause of space and time.

The event horizon is the double periphery of existence on the unit sphere. It is the entry point the doorknob hbar is on the pHi Stove.

Clean up the atmosphere don’t let the gulf-stream go up the amazon.

Get entangled with Jongalunga superpositioning pHi exact. Wind the way to true. Reflect, reverberate its in the instant.

MC² light locked spectrum to give you energy from inverted reverberated momentum.

This is Einstein Lewis proving the Warek postulates. Light is now says Schroedingers cat out of the Box.

Schoedingers cat is out of the Box
source Hackenoon

Can we see the Light in and out of matter.

Don’t kill Schroedingers cat, use quantum supremacy entangled like snakes crossing in the Horned Hearts.

A Ton Crystal Black Diamond comes from the sky.

Evidence from every home declares your comfort Zone.

This is a Anthropocene path.

Your participation is Siyinqaba 100 % decentralised. Questions are teachers, sound is connecting the electron and light. Quantum adjustment on pHi stove gives you the doorknob hbar into your hand.

Adjust your pHi, make physical pHi. Blockchain on matter.

Take me to the Moon, I dive like SN8 landing on the X, do you have enough Straw.

When is the ETA. 2C to see. Free like the wind.

We are an Interplanetary Species.

The Wizard of Oz and the Tin Man are on the Yellow Brick Road. Building Terra City in the Sky from pHi.

Lets prove it there is no more excuses. We have a count down for Earthshot | Kennedy moment of death.



This is not rocket science.

Cleaning the air by magnetic resonance tuned to comfort level right in your home. We are humanity, the pollen of mother Earth. We spawn the life we could not detect against all odds.

it is the change in Attitude

that saves the climate

Quantum supremacy has been retracted by Arvind Krishna. IBM calls it quantum advantage now.

We are told it will not be available to everyone.

I am better that you

I am because you are

Competitive vs comparative

Quantum Computing is here and it will connect to every device by 2030 this is a on Stove prediction.

Quantum Supremacy IBM meant, is when computing power of quantum computers reign supreme above the ordinary IO digital devices in computational speed. Quantum Supremacy originates from the Qubit and resides in superposition. You cannot take that out of the Qubit, that’s where it resides. Quantum Supremacy is in superposition: can we read that is the question. We take the double periphery of being from first light and reach into the quantum with only one mirror pHi accurate to 3Q fidelity. This infinite connection to true, we call Jongalunga code in True Color Viviality Somety TCVS read out. A analog, I see you you see me, true facevalue is your answer to the question.

In the state of entanglement we are secure on Jongalunga and communicate in an instant through time and space.

Quantum programming, don’t look or copy, is in singularity analog. How do you roger that, copy that?

We have it on pHi copy inscribed from the mot. The Jongalunga in scalar compression comes with an answer as the question is asked on coin, retrieved in the now. How.

On stove the truth you will learn while you earn.

IBM tune in your comfort, get qubit fidelity, reflect with the pHi coin, trustworthy question to answer. It is not the reputation that makes trustworthy it is only true that you can bank on.

The Jongalunga code on coin gives you boolean results with no need for crypto its entangled Question to Answer. We build in this singularity our castle around the pHi stove.

What is the temperature read out?

Why do you ask, is the read out coherent analog reflection of frozen qubits on reset.

What is temperature. Put the True North devices on pHi coin entangled.

Participate Red Hat this is for Humanity

Competition just kills the cat no answer every time you look.

Quantum supremacy is in superposition and there it stays.The entangled state does not let you manipulate it is locked by pHi.

What does that mean to computing, digital intelligence: Is the Hackernoon on GPT3. Is Musk digital connected. AO are we losing life to the machine?

These rhetoric questions seem to resonate and thus we come to the connection of the IO into the Analog supremacy. This connection is by QHA Quantum Hall Affect riding on the edge, taking the temperature for a ride.

To big to fail cannot succeed, do good start of google is postrue. Quantum supremacy is not within reach for anything but true. This is Big Blue.

This one blue planet is round like the O of IO pourQHA.

Look into the all seeing eye, the spin is in or out, traverse the singularity entangled. See you on the other side. That is how QHA works light is now.

Here is some homework:

What is Temperature.

Where does light meet sound.

What is color.

Take the pHi coin its made from SiCC every ton of CO2e sequestered one pHi coin evidence. The Alliance assures this.

5th May we beat the Pinata. Look for the quantum supremacy.

QHABAH look into that, we keep it coherent.

Measure the qubit perpendicular use the timecone of light.

pHi mining is in single atom separation.

Take PoEI hash algorithm to the interface digital. The Amplithuhadron from the moments of light knowledge established in the WAREK postulates.

Ensure the spacetime record sits in your pocket and drives your mobile device.

Access to the Universe we have a lift of 1G steady as she goes. Take the longnow time in your pocket.

Coeur Luminaire.

This is an invitation to the WORLD Crew, Landlubbers and Ancient Naval Mariners get the pHi on any Blockchain Exchange connected.

Team Python meet the black mamba Jongalunga tune in Quantum Hall Affect B-field Amplification hbar QHABAH.

The connection to IO from quantum supremacy. The box is closed, superposition Jongalunga analog pHi exact see you in the nodes on PoEI hash. AYEpsilon pHi 3YA

Light is Now

warek postulates

360 x 360 in and out.

I am because you are